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Nurse shares step-by-step instructions for making mask with up to 99.5% filtration efficiency
Profile – Devi Sridhar
BBC News: Coronavirus: NHS doctor’s son asks Matt Hancock for public apology
BBC News: Coronavirus: UK failed to stockpile crucial PPE
The Uber driver evicted from home and left to die of coronavirus
Coronavirus: Top NYC doctor takes her own life
Exclusive: National alert as ‘coronavirus-related condition may be emerging in children’
British Airways to cut up to 12,000 jobs as air travel collapses
Mubadalas National Reference Lab ramps up COVID-19 testing
Spectator – Boris Johnson’s cautious path out of lockdown
BBC News: Coronavirus: Lack of co-ordination let virus spread – UN’s Guterres
BBC News: Coronavirus: Black African deaths three times higher than white Britons – study
BBC News: ‘Flashbacks at the end of the day, then dreams at night – you can’t escape it’
BBC News: Coronavirus: AstraZeneca teams up with Oxford University on vaccine
Coronavirus: NHS warns BAME staff ‘at potentially greater risk’ | UK News | Sky News
The Virus Hunter Showing the World How to Fight an Epidemic
BBC News: Coronavirus: Rolls-Royce ‘to cut up to 8,000 jobs’
Eight important lessons from east Asian nations on controlling coronavirus – Devi Sridhar
Coronavirus: Possible post-lockdown workplace rules revealed
UK behind most European states in tackling coronavirus, says EU agency
Coronavirus: Amazon vice-president quits over virus firings
Leaders Are Crying on the Job. Maybe That’s a Good Thing
Coronavirus: France’s first known case ‘was in December’
Coronavirus: How will Scotland’s testing and tracing system work?
BBC News: Virgin Atlantic to cut 3,000 jobs and quit Gatwick
Covid-19 compliance officers to become commonplace in workplaces
The coronavirus crisis could end in one of these four ways – Devi Sridhar
TechBeat Working from home survey: unexpected, hugely successful
A military guide to surviving lockdown
Why are we ignoring our impending economic doom?
Colombian airline Avianca files for bankruptcy in US court
Coronavirus: ‘When the lockdown is lifted people are going to be freaked out’
Coronavirus: PM’s statement prompts questions and gives some answers
Piers Morgan rips into Tory Minister
BBC News: Coronavirus: Wuhan in first virus cluster since end of lockdown
Devi Sridhar on UK COVID-19 delays
Devi Sridhar on BBC Scotland Newsnight
New: Footage of Sally Davies, then Chief Medical Officer, reporting on Exercise Cygnus in Nov 2016.
BBC News: Coronavirus: Earlier Scottish lockdown ‘could have prevented 2,000 deaths’
Prof. Devi Sridhar
Britain’s Chernobyl: COVID-19 and the Cost of Lies – Byline Times
Devi Sridhar on BBC Question Time
The UK’s public health response to covid-19-  a rip roaring artcile
Exclusive: Emirates to Permanently Decommission 40% of Airbus A380 Fleet, Axe Nearly a Third of Cabin Crew and Pilots
The UK’s public health response to covid-19 | The BMJ
Eight moral revolutions that this pandemic might trigger – from the end of work to the one-health approach
COVID Layoffs Drop 59% to Lowest Level in 6 Weeks (for now) [May 18 Update]
Social distancing on site: Picture special
Covid compliance check lists for site managers
Unless the government changes tack, the UK’s lockdown will have been for nothing | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian
Devi Sridhar: Wealth is the best shielding strategy for this virus –  and from severe symptoms
BBC News: Climate change: Top 10 tips to reduce carbon footprint revealed
Coronavirus China News: Chinese Lab Believes New Drug Can “Stop Pandemic Even Without Vaccine”
“Personally, I lost my job”: Voices on Covid and construction from around the world
Amsterdam’s Doughnut-Shaped Economic Model Gives Hope For A Post-COVID-19 Green Recovery
Coronavirus in Scotland: ‘Test and protect’ scheme will start on Thursday
McLaren to cut 1,200 jobs as virus hits demand
This was so powerful. As @BorisJohnson came out to clap, Dr @meenalsworld & her colleagues turned their backs & held a 237 second silence. One for every healthcare worker who’s died
The coronavirus crisis could end in one of these four ways – Devi Sridhar
Offline: After COVID-19—is an “alternate society” possible?
The real reason we should fear the work of Dominic Cummings | Dominic Cummings | The Guardian
Pfizer CEO says COVID-19 vaccine likely to be ready by October this year; ‘will have enough evidence of safety, efficacy’
Covid-19: Questions of conscience and duty for scientific advisers
Holiday firms in fresh plea over 2-week flight quarantine plans
Coronavirus in Scotland: New lockdown laws warning after weekend breaches NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST
Sir David Norgrove response to Matt Hancock regarding the Government’s COVID-19 testing data
After coronavirus, what’s Left?
Coronavirus: Risk of death is higher for ethnic minorities
Tory MP husband of Test and Trace chief Dido Harding linked to anti-NHS group
How coronavirus tore through Britain’s ethnic minorities
Governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company
Coronavirus: ‘Die-in’ outside Dominic Cummings’s house over COVID-19 response |
Britain’s quarantine plan for travellers is too little too late | Health policy | The Guardian
Covid-19: Questions of conscience and duty for scientific advisers
This AI model has predicted which patients will get the sickest from COVID-19
9 Future of Work Trends Post-COVID-19
Is the worst of the pandemic behind us? Here’s what scientists know so far – Devi Sridhar
Coronavirus declared global health emergency by WHO
Lufthansa plans to cut 22,000 jobs
British Gas owner Centrica to cut 5,000 jobs
Coronavirus: How ‘overreaction’ made Vietnam a virus success
BBC News: Coronavirus: Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug
Countries from Germany to Vietnam got test and trace right, so why didn’t England? | David McCoy | Opinion | The Guardian
Elimination: what New Zealand’s coronavirus response can teach the world | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian
BBC News: Coronavirus: Death rates twice as high in deprived areas
Marcus Rashford is showing our failing politicians how to do their jobs | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian
BBC News: Coronavirus was already in Italy by December, waste water study finds
BBC News: ‘I don’t know how many patients I gave coronavirus to’
BBC News: Coronavirus: Researchers to trial salt water as Covid-19 treatment
Full list of the 331 Tory MPs who voted against weekly testing of NHS and care staff
Covid-Era CEOs Are ‘Keen, Tough or Edgy’
Q&A: Tips for health and safety at the workplace in the context of COVID-19
Kirsty Blackman steps down as SNP deputy at Westminster
Digital transformation will be essential in fighting climate change
SAGEGATE: PART ONE Treasury and Downing Street Advisors Intervened to Delay COVID-19 Lockdown
BBC News: Coronavirus: Why disabled people are calling for a Covid-19 inquiry
The virus that shut down the world
Coronavirus’s closest ancestor ‘was found SEVEN YEARS ago in a bat-infested mine in China’ and a sample was brought back to a lab in Wuhan, investigation reveals
In the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both.
BBC News: Nick Cordero: Broadway actor dies aged 41 of coronavirus complications
BBC News: Coronavirus: Kate Garraway says husband Derek Draper has opened his eyes
BBC News: Coronavirus: Fujitsu announces permanent work-from-home plan
I’m Fed Up With Humanity. It’s Time For An Alien Intervention
BBC News: Why are there so few ethnic minority MSPs?
French bus driver dies following attack by passengers who refused to wear masks | France | The Guardian
Coronavirus: Mathon farm workers isolating after 73 cases – BBC News
Immunity may last only a few months after infection
Coronavirus: ‘Harrowing’ increase in end-of-life cases at home
Urgent inquiry launched into Government’s handling of coronavirus crisis
Coronavirus vaccine hopes rise after strong trial results
BBC News: Coronavirus: Potential Covid-19 cluster in Lanarkshire
BBC News: Thousands attend illegal rave at RAF Charmy Down near Bath
BBC News: Coronavirus: ‘Almost half’ of Blackburn Covid-19 contacts not reached
ulture of shaking hands ‘probably gone forever’, says top scientist
BBC News: Coronavirus: UK passport application backlog reaches 400,000
Article: Medical experts think leaders should shut down entire US and start over
BBC News: Coronavirus: Vietnam coma pilot warns people ‘not to be blasé’
BBC News: Coronavirus: Foreign Office repatriation help ‘too slow’
BBC News: Coronavirus: Safety fears over lack of translated virus advice
BBC News: Coronavirus: German officials ‘very concerned’ by rising cases
BBC News: Coronavirus: Cornwall locals ‘too scared’ to go shopping
Coronavirus Vietnam: The mysterious resurgence of Covid-19
Coronavirus: Brazil passes 100,000 deaths as outbreak shows no sign of easing
Two stories, different witnesses. So where was Dominic Cummings on 19 April? | Dominic Cummings | The Guardian
Americans warned not to drink hand sanitiser after four die and others go partially blind | US News | Sky News
Why ‘stronger borders’ don’t work | UK news | The Guardian
BBC News: Coronavirus: Pupils begin return to the classroom
Government hired Vote Leave AI firm to track UK citizens’ social media posts | The New European
BBC News: Coronavirus: Greencore staff self-isolate after outbreak
BBC News: Coronavirus: Blackburn wedding party of 100 broken up by police
BBC News: Coronavirus: How can I find a new job?
Thousands of migrants denied help in the pandemic
Victoria Covid-19: Almost all cases linked to quarantine hotels
BBC News: M&S to cut 7,000 jobs over next three months
Wuhan hosts massive water park party as coronavirus concerns recede – CNN
Coronavirus: One in eight hospital cases were ‘caught on-site’
Germany extends job-support scheme – contrasting with UK’s approach
Estonia built one of the world’s most advanced digital societies. During COVID-19, that became a lifeline.
Coronavirus: UK worst hit among major economies
Gatwick Airport plans to cut 600 jobs due to coronavirus
American Airlines cuts 19,000 jobs amid travel slump
Revealed: How, on every measure, Britain’s response to the Covid pandemic has been woeful
More than a health crisis: COVID-19 impacts are far-reaching and long-term | News | Wellcome
Coronavirus: Cases on Tui flight from Zante to Cardiff – BBC News
BBC News: Coronavirus: ‘Covidiots’ criticised on Tui quarantine flight
Britain goes it alone over coronavirus. We can only hope the gamble pays off – Devi Sridhar
Devi on containment
BBC News: Coronavirus: Scotland to get dedicated Covid-19 tracing app
BBC News: Still ill with coronavirus six months later: ‘I have no idea how to get better’
Government warned not to pressurise staff back into offices
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson ‘heartless’ for not meeting bereaved families
How might coronavirus be transmitted on a flight and what can you do to protect yourself?
Covid Gag Rules at U.S. Companies Are Putting Everyone at Risk
BBC News: Coronavirus: Boris Johnson ‘heartless’ for not meeting bereaved families
More than a health crisis: COVID-19 impacts are far-reaching and long-term | News | Wellcome
Estonia built one of the world’s most advanced digital societies. During COVID-19, that became a lifeline.
Professor @devisridhar says the testing system will be “under strain” as people go back to school and work – but says a national lockdown is “unlikely”.
BBC News: Anti-lockdown protest as coronavirus cases rise by 14
BBC News: Coronavirus detected at schools in Paisley and Glasgow
BBC News: Coronavirus: Glasgow KFC branch closes after virus outbreak
Coronavirus: ‘I paid for my student house, now all my lectures are online’
Coronavirus cases are rising again in the UK. What will happen next? | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian
BBC News: Bootle Covid-19 hoax-claim salon to be visited by police
BBC News: Trump deliberately played down virus, Woodward book says
Furious House of Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle admonishes Health Secretary Matt Hancock over virus restrictions changes | London Evening Standard
After covid: ‘Working from home’ is long term ambition
The seasonality of coronavirus: a winter of discontent – by Dr Robert C Palmer – Brexitshambles
BBC News: Coronavirus: Nottingham house party host fined £10K
Wolverhampton wedding DJ is behind vigilante group of 20 men carrying out covert Channel ‘patrols’
Drinkers hit bars and pubs across the country for one more weekend of freedom
Unemployment: Planned redundancies twice the rate of last recession
BBC News: ‘No risk’ at Wetherspoons as 66 staff test positive
America Is Trapped in a Pandemic Spiral – The Atlantic
How the Covid crisis is changing minds on Scottish independence | Scottish independence | The Guardian
Brits flock to pubs to enjoy last Saturday before ‘rule of six’ hits – Metro
Coronavirus Tests Can Be Scary for Kids. Here’s How to Make Them Easier.
BBC News: Coronavirus: NHS staff off work due to testing shortages, say bosses
‘Utter shambles’: GPs and medics decry NHS test-and-trace system | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian
Chief scientist ‘told off’ for lockdown plea – BBC News
Women caring for their children most at risk as covid job losses roll in
Real-life redundancy experiences: what should these businesses have done differently?
BBC News: Coronavirus testing: Simple test gives results in 90 minutes
Half of workers have received no Covid mental health support, poll finds
Firm That Gave £400,000 to Conservatives Wins £93.8 Million Government PPE Deal – Byline Times
REVEALED: NHS Test and Trace top team includes just one public health expert
Man is spotted wearing a SNAKE instead of a face mask as he takes ride on the bus
BBC News: Coronavirus: NHS workers who died in the pandemic
Firm Owned By Conservative Donor NETS ADDITIONAL £81.8 Million Government PPE Deals
Braverman’s Confidants The Lawyers Spurring the Government to Break the Law
The Lawyers Spurring the Government to Break the Law
Devi Sridhar (@devisridhar) tweeted at 1:08 pm on Fri, Sep 18, 2020: Let’s enjoy the weekend. How best to do this? 1. Outdoors is safer than indoors. Get outside. Support local shops & businesses. 2. More contacts you have, more likely you’ll have to isolate. How many people are you in close contact with each week? Quality> quantity. (1/3)
Dozens of COVID-19 vaccines are in development. Here are the ones to follow
Taiwan led the world in closing down for Covid-19, now it wants to do the same with opening back up – CNN
Businesses should return to home working where possible, says prime minister
Coronavirus: ‘Travelling Tabby’, the student blogger behind Scotland’s most popular Covid tracker site | HeraldScotland—student-blogger-behind-scotlands-popular-covid-tracker-site/
Covid-19: An open letter to the UK’s chief medical officers – The BMJ
Discovery of a druggable pocket in the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein could stop virus in its tracks
Malcolm Chisholm (@MalcolmChishol1) tweeted at 9:27 am on Wed, Sep 23, 2020: Wish this one minute devastating critique from @devisridhar could play on a loop all day as a (thankfully small)minority of experts make a damaging push with their simplistic herd immunity/protect vulnerable/let young get it prescription leading to more deaths and more long COVID
Around the world, people yearn for significant change rather than a return to a “pre-COVID normal”
The workforce trends coming in a COVID-world
Chancellor announces job support scheme to replace furlough
BBC News: Coronavirus: UK lacking leadership, says ex-civil service head
How to Safely Reopen Colleges and Universities During COVID-19: Experiences From Taiwan | Annals of Internal Medicine
Devi Sridhar (@devisridhar) tweeted at 11:50 pm on Wed, Jul 29, 2020: To re-open safely, universities have to: 1. Test all students on arrival & 5 days later 2. Mandatory use of face coverings 3. Ventilation of classrooms 4. Ensure monitoring of students during quarantine with app & check-ins (to ensure compliance) 5. Clear outbreak response plan.
England’s new Covid rules ‘too little, too late’ for the second time
Scamademics? Right-Wing Lobbying Groups Reviving ‘Herd Immunity’ in the UK – Byline Times
BBC News: NHS Covid-19: App users unable to input negative tests
Prof Alice Roberts (@theAliceRoberts) tweeted at 10:57 pm on Thu, Sep 24, 2020: This is so important to watch
BBC Question Time (@bbcquestiontime) tweeted at 1:07 am on Fri, Sep 25, 2020: “Unless you solve your public health problem you’re not going to solve your economic problems.”  Public health professor @devisridhar says the UK should look at countries like Taiwan and South Korea, that controlled the virus and had “minimal” economic impact
Lessons learnt from easing COVID-19 restrictions: an analysis of countries and regions in Asia Pacific and Europe – The Lancet
Covid’s second coming: how did Britain get back in this mess? | Conservatives | The Guardian
the palpitations | dr nishant joshi (@ThePalpitations) tweeted at 1:04 pm on Sat, Sep 26, 2020: this is beyond a disaster.  thread/  in practical terms, it means that this is what happened for my patient Mr X (true story):  – Mr X lives with 6 others, close contacts who are going out every day to school and work – Mr X developed fever