About Me

I am Talent Acquisition and Human Resources professional. I started my career in executive search and then moved into RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) in the oil and gas, petrochemical sector. I have lived and worked in the Middle East where my work involved conducting very senior level talent searches for clients spanning Europe, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), and North Africa which has been really culturally enriching.

I have mainly focused on technical and functional positions across the oil and gas/petrochemicals sector in the UK and mainland Europe, and the Middle East. Keen to move and successfully establish myself in a corporate recruiting environment, I made a transition to in – house recruitment and I am currently involved in talent acquisition for the power and water sector in the UK for a leading global engineering consultancy. Part of the wider global HR function, I have also gained a deeper understanding of range of HR issues including employee relations, employment law, performance management, employee engagement and retention, and succession planning.

My mantra in the world of work is that the best employees are those that have a global mind – set, are well connected, have an eye for the unconventional, are curiously enthusiastic about challenges, have an enviably hard work ethic, and possess the ability to punch above their weight. This blog is dedicated to discovering the best ways of creating healthy employees and companies, and for individuals to stay inspired and motivated.

Summary of Specialities:

Executive Search; C – suite Recruitment; Commercial Recruitment; Technical Recruitment; Recruitment Process Outsourcing; Volume Recruitment; Targeted Recruitment; Candidate Sourcing; Interviewing & Candidate Assessment; International Recruitment; Development and Implementation of Talent Acquisition Strategies; Client & Candidate Management; Reporting; Project Delivery; Market Research; Research for Recruitment; Coaching & Mentoring.


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