Happiness is elusive but achievable

What makes people happy? Well that depends on individual circumstances. Some people are naturally happy in their outlook on life; others are not and have to find ways of becoming happy. If you are one of those people who fall in the latter category then I think you need to start from extracting happiness from the smaller things in life. This is what works for me. This could be looking forward to the weekend, looking forward to a holiday you have planned, watching your children grow up, meeting a deadline and finishing a project at work. As I see it, happiness is inter-connected with our human needs. Ask yourself what is it that you want from life? I believe the happiest people on the planet are those who are successful in their careers, and truly love what they do. They even look good in person. Having a job one enjoys and pays well can have quite a remarkable impact on one’s life. Personal growth through education and career advancement is the most potent way for self improvement. In this competitive age, it is essential that one renews their skills and education every few years. I have seen people who were at square one in their careers/professions in their early adult years but with years of hard work and some personal sacrifice they got their happiness. It’s never too late to rock and roll.

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