Quick Tips for First Time Managers


Not all people are cut out to be managers. Many companies make the mistake of rushing a high potential employee into a management role, which somewhere later down the line result in problems among team members, and risks hurting the company’s brand. Here are some tips that first time managers can embrace to assist them in migrating towards their first management role.

Honestly is the best policy – Do not be afraid to ask your superior for advice or to admit you don’t know the answer. It’s a learning process that requires the careful guidance of a mentor

Work hard – Hard work is the single most important ingredient in any successful career, and if you have a strong work ethic you really can’t go wrong.

Delegate – Give your employees clear instructions but do not micromanage them. Learn to let go and trust other people to work for you. The best managers in the world are direct but don’t tread on other people’s toes. It’s a fine balancing act, and if you can do that you are on the right track.

Decision Making – Be ready to take decisions based on facts and anecdotal insight when you can’t be certain that you are right.

Understand the team –  Talk and listen to your team. Invest more time and effort in getting to know your team, and above all be approachable.

Attitude – Approach your first day in the role with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Focus, context and communication must be the pillars on which to build managerial success, and do not be afraid of getting things wrong. Often to get 70% right, you need to get 30% wrong.

Difficulties  -Never walk away from confronting difficult issues. Spend at least an hour in a day one-to- one with your boss and with each team member of your team every week. Don’t forget to thank your team when they have earned it – give them the credit they deserve.

What managers ultimately fail to realize is that it is often very small things that can make a big difference to employees in their productivity and to their development as a manager. Incorporating all or some of the tips above will put the first time manager on a good footing.

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